Facebook Lookalike Audiences help you clone your customers

By creating a profile of people that look similar to your current customer database, Facebook can help you advertise to people more likely to be interested in what you're selling.

By utilising your current database of contacts or customers, whether from your email marketing system, accounting system and/or CRM, Facebook can find more people with similar characteristics, getting your business in front of likely new customers.

There are two options when creating a lookalike list – Similarity or Reach. Choosing Similarity will return a list that is smaller, but contains profiles that more closely resemble the customers on your initial list. Selecting Reach will return a larger audience, but the users may not resemble your initial list as closely.

The best use for this feature is prospecting. For example, Mary’s Brownie Company could upload a list of their current customers’ email addresses. Then, using the lookalike audience feature, Facebook will allow Mary to target people who share similar interests and behaviours as her current customer base. In two minutes, Mary has access to other potential brownie lovers on Facebook and can target them with ads to purchase her brownies.

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