The benefits of a top-level domain

In this week’s webchat, John and Tristan discuss why you would use a global top-level domain. Not all URLs end in .com or .au, businesses may be eligible to get a domain more specific to their industry.

A couple of years ago the powers of the internet made more industry specific top-level domains available to everyone, here are some reasons why your business might make the switch.

What is a global top-level domain?

Words like Sydney or Melbourne were made available to businesses to be used as a suffix on a domain name. This meant if a business had the domain, which is really long, they could now replace that with instead. Some popular global top-level domain includes: 

  • .info
  • .bar
  • .shop
  • .accountant
  • .design

This change also means that if you want to get a little more creative you can have other variations like .doughnut or if you want to be more serious you can have .bank, depending on your business.

Why use a global top-level domain?

We wouldn't be advising that a business stop using their address any time soon but a global top-level domain is something that can make your business more memorable to your target audience.   

In most cases, companies may find that their business name will work really well with a global top-level domain which is why they will make the switch.

Global top-level domains have extended verifications, only allowing business who meet certain criteria can attain specific suffix. For example, only banks can get a .bank URL and only law firms can get a .lawyer URL

In summary:

  • Global top-level domains make things more memorable
  • They are easier to say
  • They can be more specific to your industry

If you are interested in finding a global top-level domain that fits your business, contact us and we will find one that works for you.

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