How many lights are in the Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland? Only two nights left to see them all!

Derek from Lifeline Darling Downs talks about 1300 Web Pro's volunteer management system, the event stats and the good causes that the money raised goes to.

1300 Web Pro have been sponsors of the Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland for the past 10 years to help ensure that the amazing display in Queens Park continues.

This year we met with Derek from Lifeline Darling Downs, one of the organisers of the event to chat about some of the great things that come out of this beautiful charity display.

This year 1300 Web Pro created an SMS volunteer reminder system to help coordinate the 45 volunteers that are needed every night to ensure smooth operation of the Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland.

It's only on for two more nights this year so make sure you head down and check out this incredable work of Christmas spirit and help raise some much needed funds for Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Lifeline Darling Downs, and the Toowoomba Hospice plus other charities.

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