What you need to know about spam emails and blacklists

Do you ever have problems with emails bouncing back because they are being classed as spam? In this week's webchat, James and Brendan discuss what an email blacklist is, how you get on it (and what to do to get off!) and why your email could be marked as spam.

Our mail servers and most other mail servers access databases of blacklisted IP addresses. These blacklists help protect you from suspicious and malicious emails. 

You don't necessarily need to be on a blacklist to have your emails bounce back, they could be marked as spam by your service provider.

Here are our top tips to avoid being classed as spam:

  • Avoid using characters or phrases that could be deemed as spam. For example "$$$", "FREE", "Special Offer!!", especially in the subject of the email.
  • Avoid including too many recipients (50+) in the one email. Use an Email Marketing System (EMS) instead
  • Always include a subject line and message body

If you think you've been blacklisted:

  • If you have tried editing the email and it still get a bounce back message, you may be on an email blacklist. If that's the case, call your internet service provider or IT provider.
  • To check whether you are on a blacklist, you can visit MX Toolbox, enter your domain and follow the steps to request removal from blacklists.

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