How small business can take advantage of Amazon

In this week’s webchat, Teeka and Ryan discuss the arrival of Amazon to Australia and how small businesses can use the e-commerce platform to their advantage. is an online superstore soon to be launched in Australia. Here are a few reasons why your business should use Amazon to profit from its arrival. 

What is is one of the world's largest online shopping platforms. The American giant first launched in 1995 as an online bookstore and has today evolved into an e-commerce superstore selling everything from cars to clothing.   

Amazon Marketplace:

Amazon marketplace is owned and operated by which allows third-parties to sell new or used products alongside Amazon's regular offerings.

Amazon marketplace offers the opportunity for Australian business to sell their products on a different platform and widen their reach to more potential customers.

Taking advantage of Amazon:

Once Amazon is launched in Australia as a small business you will be able to sell your products online. This will expose your business to a lot more customers than what you would get from just your own website. Amazon exposes your products to everyone Australia wide and will arrange shipping for your products to reach the customer. 

If you're a small business and can't yet afford to launch your own e-commerce website or don't want the responsibility of maintaining one then Amazon is a great platform for you to save some big dollars while still getting your products out into the market.

If you already have your own e-commerce website then you can still use Amazon marketplace in parallel to your existing site to attract a slightly different audience and widen your customer reach.

In summary, Amazon is a great e-commerce option to achieve the following: 

  • Widen your customer reach
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain e-commerce platform 
  • Shipping and postage is taken care of

Amazon is expected to launch in Australia late 2017/early 2018. Until Amazon is made live you can start by registering your business. You can register now by clicking here.

If you want to know what other e-commerce options will work for your business give us a call at 1300 Web Pro.

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