Changes making SSL Certificates even more important!

In this week's webchat, James and Kara explain why it's becoming increasingly important for all websites to get secure hosting, what's changing in this space and how to go about getting an SSL certificate.

Although SSL certificates have been around for years, it's now becoming extremely important to upgrade to secure hosting due to certain changes. Web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others are now flagging any website without an SSL certificate as "not secure". Secure websites can be easily recognisable from the "https://" at the beginning of the URL or the green padlock next to the URL.

For e-commerce or websites that take credit card payment, secure hosting has always been a requirement but these new changes are making it more critical for all websites to get secure hosting. Internet browsers have always favoured any website with secure hosting, but now it's going to be more obvious to your customers and other website visitors that your website is "not secure".

If your website is hosted with us, upgrading to secure hosting is simple. There are a few ways to upgrade:

If your website is hosted elsewhere, get it contact with your provider to request an upgrade.

At the moment, the flagging of website's without an SSL certificate isn't very prominent but in the near future, it is likely to be much more prominent that your website is not secure. This may discourage customers and other stakeholders from doing business with you.

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If you're looking to upgrade your website to be more secure, get in contact with us.

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