How to protect your business from the latest CryptoLocker virus

CryptoLocker viruses, ransomware and WannaCry have all been prominent in the news lately. In this week's webchat, we help you understand these malicious viruses and explain how to protect your business from hackers encrypting your files and demanding a ransom.

This new variant of CryptoLocker is especially harmful as instead of just infecting a single computer, the virus extends its search to infect other connected computers in the network.

James and Tristan, our resident cyber security experts, discuss the best ways to protect your business from harmful viruses. Our recommended prevention methods include:

  • educating your team about being vigilant with unfamiliar emails and SMS
  • antivirus protection on individual computers
  • gateway protection between your computer and internet router
  • turning off remote desktop
  • be cautious with suspicious phone calls
  • backing up your data
  • In addition to prevention methods, we also highlight what to do if your computer does get infected with a CrytpoVirus.

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