How much thought do you give to your password security?

Last week one our client's Office 365 cloud email was hacked and they very nearly paid scammers a lot of money. This was a unique, targeted attack, much more sophisticated than the "phishing" emails we have all become accustomed to.

James and Brendan talk about how this hack happened and some advice on how you can ensure that your office systems are protected as much as possible.

NAB recently sent out a warning to their business customers with advice on this also:

Please share this video with your business colleagues to help them keep their networks and website logins secure.

If you're not using one of these programs, your online systems are not safe.

We recommend investing in a reputable password management system. You can find two of the password management systems discussed in the video below, Lastpass has a free basic package and 1password has a free 30 day trial. Either are vital to your system's security.

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