Page Speed affects your user experience AND your Google ranking

Last week, James and Brendan covered a number of techniques that can prevent your website from ranking higher in the organic search results on Google, including Page Speed. This week they're expanding on that with an indepth chat about Page Speed and some of the ways to improve it. A one-second delay in page-load time leads to a drop in page views (11 percent), conversions (7 percent), and customer satisfaction (16 percent) so be sure to watch our video and check out Google Page Speed Insights to test your own website.

Please share this video with your business colleagues to help them understand the value of Page Speed in regards to the userbility and rank of their website.

You've got your Page Speed results - now what?

As you've seen there are a number of different aspects to enhancing your page speed. At 1300 Web Pro our specialists are fully qualified to get your page running the best it can and create a great experience for your customers and Google.

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