How Can AdWords Fill Trucks?

This week, Brendan is on location at Martin Transport to speak with business owner Craig. Together they will share with you how Google AdWords can help a specialist logistics business reach potential customers.

Late last year, Martin Transport identified an opportunity to help customers that had been left without freight transport by the sudden closure of a carrier out west. They needed a way to reach people in specific areas looking to transport specific types of freight, and they needed to do it quickly and cost effectively.

Craig rang 1300 Web Pro, outlined the opportunity he saw, and asked us to help him reach those prospective customers efficiently and affordably. Based on the need he outlined, and the nature of the campaign, we recommended the use of Google AdWords. We were able to quickly create several targeted campaigns in Google AdWords to reach precisely the people that Craig wanted to speak to.

Want to know how it turned out? Watch the video below to hear Craig share the campaign's results for his business.

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