David Janetzki MP joins us to discuss FridgeBrain and Small Business in the Region

In this week's 1300 Web Pro webchat, Brendan speaks to David Janetzki MP about an innovation grant we recently received to do a pilot program of our innovative FridgeBrain smart vaccine refrigerator. These innovation programs enable small businesses like ours to grow and further contribute to the local economy!

Innovation grants help small businesses like ours pursue inventive projects that might otherwise be unexplored. We thank David Janetzki MP for supporting us in our recent FridgeBrain grant application. 

We are pleased to be growing with Toowoomba, especially when it comes to technology. With the Pulse Data Centre and the emergence of ag-tech companies in the region, the technology industry is advancing in Toowoomba. We are thrilled to work in this dynamic industry and alongside many other businesses during this vital growth stage. 

For 1300 Web Pro, this means we will be growing as a business and looking for more way to help small businesses grow in the region.

David Janetzki is always willing to help small businesses grow and can assist with the often difficult task of establishing connections with like-minded businesses. To get in touch with David, contact him through his website.

If you're a small business looking for some assistance when it comes to digital marketing, get in touch with us!

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