Is your website goal driven and purposeful?

Effective websites need to go beyond just "looking pretty", they need to be designed around your business goals. In this week's webchat, Brendan, Teeka and Gareth discuss how we work with our clients to design purposeful and goal-driven websites.

We have a team of specialists involved when creating websites. Before we begin the website, our team take the time to learn how your business operates and what you want from your website (e.g. customers to request a quote, book now, make an enquiry or purchase, etc.). Once our team knows your business goals, these are the steps we do to create goal-driven websites:

  • Our Content Specialists write effective website content based on your business goals.
  • We help define your target audience to ensure your website is tailored to your ideal customers.
  • We learn your points of difference and ensure it's prominent on your website.
  • Our Graphic Designer maps out the flow of the user experience and bases the design on what action you want your customers to take.
  • We prioritise the content to ensure the most important information is the most prominent.
  • To make content easier to read, we use design elements like accordions, block quotes, columns and more.
  • Once your website is live, we use Google Analytics to track whether your website is actually achieving the goals and can tweak your website based on your visitor data.

Click here to read the article we refer to which was featured on Entrepreneur about how to upgrade your website through purpose-driven design.

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