FridgeBrain Is Going Places!

We've been in the news this week! You may have seen us in the paper and on TV after we received a $100,000 grant through the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund to help us take our innovative product, FridgeBrain, to the next level. In this week's webchat, Kirsten and Tristan discuss what this exciting grant means for the FridgeBrain project.

We've been busy working on the programming behind our cutting edge 'smart' vaccine refrigerator - FridgeBrain. In case you need a refresher on this exciting new development, it automatically records data from multiple sensors within a commercial vaccine refrigerator, monitoring its contents and providing real time alerts via SMS, email or phone call in the case of power outages, temperature variations or the door being left open. This gives the pharmacy's staff or management time to rectify faults before the expensive vaccine products spoil due to the change in temperature. 

If you want to learn more about this project and its value, click here to watch our previous webchat on FridgeBrain.

A recent grant of $100,000 through Advance Queensland's Ignite Ideas Fund means we can accelerate the development of the product by trialling it in a real-world environment in at least twelve pharmacies and medical centres throughout Australia from early 2018.

The trial will help us finalise a market ready product with great potential in the healthcare sector, helping to safeguard vaccines and save time and money in pharmacies and medical centres. 

If you're interested in being a part of the FridgeBrain trial contact Brendan at or call 0428 460 005 or visit

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