How to make the most out of Facebook marketing

In this week's webchat, Brendan introduces our new Digital Marketing Specialist, John and explores how to develop effective Facebook marketing campaigns.

There are three key things we do when it comes to Facebook advertising to ensure our campaigns are effective and target the right audience:

1. Set up Facebook audiences - to make ads more targeted towards potential customers, we set up look-alike audiences based on either:

  • Website traffic
  • Existing customer databases
  • Existing Facebook likers

By making ads more targeted, your ads reach people who are more likely to be interested, therefore costing you less per lead.

2. Set up conversion tracking - by setting conversion tracking up with your Facebook ads, it's easy to see how many leads have resulted from ads. Tracking can be tailored based on your website type:

  • If you have an online store, you can see the dollar value and number of purchases that have resulted from the campaign.
  • If you have an information website, we can track the number of enquiries received for each ad.

Unlike other forms of advertising, you can clearly see what you got for your money, making it easy to decide whether it's worth it for your business.

3. A/B Testing - To find out which ads are most effective, we run multiple ads, against multiple audiences at the same time. As the campaign progresses, it's clear to see what ads were most effective, which helps determines future campaigns.

Using these three additional steps, we make Facebook advertising reach more targeted audiences and get you better bang for your buck!

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