How to know if you've received a scam domain renewal email

Scam domain renewal emails have recently been sent to a number of our clients and many other small businesses. If you have a website, then you could be targeted by these domain scams. In this week's webchat, Tristan and Kara discuss how you can identify a scam domain renewal email.

Although scam emails may look legitimate, there are a few things you can look for to identify if it's likely a scam:

  • Does it include urgent, maybe even threatening, language to renew your domain?
  • Check the email address to see if it's from 1300 Web Pro (, or your domain register. Or is from an unrelated email address?
  • Are there links to suspicious looking URLs?

If the email includes any of the above, it's most likely a scam! You should not reply to a scam email and most importantly, don't make a payment or provide your credit card details. If you receive a suspicious looking email but are unsure, please send it to us and we can check whether it's legitimate. 

Checking for these little things will help protect you, your wallet and your website from scammers!

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