What does the 2017 Federal Budget mean for small businesses and our region?

This week the 2017 Federal Budget was delivered and there is a number of changes that may impact the way you do business. In this week's webchat, Brendan catches up with Cameron Stevenson, Director and small business specialist at Acumen Accounting. They discuss how the budget will impact small businesses and the Darling Downs.

We discuss a range of topics from the budget including small business and investment changes, housing affordability and higher education. Although not all of these changes will directly impact your business, we highlight how they may indirectly affect you and your team.

In addition to the changes for businesses and individuals, $8.4billion of funding has been put towards the highly anticipated inland rail between Brisbane and Melbourne. The inland rail, along with the second range crossing and Wellcamp Airport will strengthen Toowoomba's position as a freight hub in the future.

Need some further help understanding how the changes will affect you? Contact Acumen Accounting, the small business experts.

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