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At 1300 Web Pro, we regularly have webchats with our team to discuss digital marketing, website design, business strategy, online security, graphic design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and everything in between. Our webchats are a great tool for your business to learn more about digital marketing tips and tricks.

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How can "big data" boost your small business?

In this week's webchat, James and Ryan discuss the value of "big data" and how your small business can use your own data to target your digital marketing to specific people who are likely to use your service/purchase your products.

To understand how valuable this data is, we explore the new company, MoviePass. MoviePass was created by one of the founders of Netflix and it allows its subscribers go to any cinemas in the US once a day, for only $10/month. This may sound too good to be true, however, it's legitimate, despite being unwelcomed by a leading cinema chain.

How does this business make money? From its subscribers' data. They pass their subscribers data onto an analytics company, who is a major stakeholder in the company.

How can small business use this "big data"?

As a small business, you probably have the information to take advantage of this "big data", in the form of your customer list, mailing database, Facebook likers and more. You can provide this data to face advertising platforms like Facebook and Google to target your advertising to a "look-alike audience" which are people with really similar characteristics to your current database.

Do you need some help making your digital advertising more targeted? Get in contact with us to help you create a look-alike audience!

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How can "big data" boost your business?

In this week's webchat, James and Ryan discuss the value of "big data" and how your small business can use your own data to target your digital marketing

Is your website goal driven and purposeful?

In this week's webchat, Brendan, Teeka and Gareth discuss how we work with our clients to design purposeful and goal-driven websites.

Why you should be blogging on your website

In this week's webchat, Brendan and Brooke discuss blogs, their SEO benefits and how it gives you an edge over your competition.

The best ways to optimise your Google My Business listing

In this week's webchat, Brendan and Brooke discuss the best ways to ensure your GMB listing ranks highly.

What you need to know about spam emails and email blacklists

James and Brendan discuss what an email blacklist is, how you get on it (and what to do to get off!) and why your email could be marked as spam.

Become more efficient with a task tracker

In this week's webchat, Tristan and Ryan explore what a task tracker is and how it will make your business more efficient.

What is "The Cloud" and how does it work?

In this week's webchat, Tristan and Heather discuss what's best practice for backing up data in case you missed World Backup Day!

Back your team but don't forget to backup your data!

In this week's webchat, Tristan and Heather discuss what's best practice for backing up data in case you missed World Backup Day!

How to know if you've received a domain renewal scam email

We discuss ways to identify whether you've received a domain renewal scam email to protect you, your wallet and your website from scammers!

Why you should get professional photos taken instead of using stock images

We help you understand why professional photos are a much better option for websites and digital marketing than stock images.

How to protect your business from vicious "cyber-attacks"

We help you understand CryptoLocker and other malicious viruses and explain how to protect your business from hackers encrypting your files and demanding a ransom.

2017 Federal Budget Insights with Acumen Accounting

Cameron Stevenson, director and small business specialist at Acumen Accounting, and Brendan discuss how the 2017 budget will impact small businesses and the Darling Downs.

Free Digital Marketing Workshops

In collaboration with Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Toowoomba Regional Council, we are presenting digital marketing workshops. These workshops are targeted at local businesses to equip them with the right tools and knowledge to make the most of digital marketing!

Save time by using symbols while Google searching

In this week's webchat, Brendan and Brooke share their favourite symbols which get the best and most relevant results when you complete a Google search. Searching with symbols can refine your search even further, making your search results more specific and more relevant to your query.

Welcome Brooke and Teeka to the team!

Brooke and Teeka are both Content Specialists who are ready to help develop engaging and informative content for your website. Content Specialists work collaboratively with you to keep your websites, email marketing, social media and blogs relevant and up to date.

Is your business equipped when it comes to social media?

In this week's webchat, James and Teeka look at United Airlines' social media gripe and put the spotlight on how United poorly handled the situation. We also give some great tips on how small businesses can be proactive in dealing with unpleasant social media scenarios.

Make the most of your Google Analytics account with Google Analytics "Goals"

Our Directors, James and Brendan, have highlighted ways to make the most out of Google Analytics for your website. Setting up "Goals" can gear you up with critical information that can help you measure website and campaigns more effectively.

Hackers love Wordpress & Joomla Websites!

Wordpress and Joomla are two popular website platforms but they can come with risks and vulnerabilities as Brendan and Ryan discuss in this week's video.

This digital padlock can help your SEO

James and Tristan talk about the SSL-encrypted protocol that causes the padlock to be shown in the address bar and that you may be familiar with from Internet banking and eCommerce.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences help you clone your customers

By creating a profile of people that look similar to your current customer database, Facebook can help you advertise to people more likely to be interested in what you're selling.

Facebook is stalking your customers, so you don't have to

Brendan and Heather talk about how a Facebook Pixel can find more customers that look like your current ones and even how to remind people to come back to your website the next day!

How do you come up with relevant, original content for Facebook posts, emails and your website?

We give you some tips on how to create captivating, high-quality content to attract new customers, rank with search engines, and position your brand as an authority online.

How Can AdWords Fill Trucks?

Brendan is on location at Martin Transport to speak with business owner Craig. Together they will share with you how Google AdWords can help a specialist logistics business reach potential customers.

How many lights are in the Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland? Only two nights left to see them all!

Derek from Lifeline Darling Downs talks about 1300 Web Pro's volunteer management system, the event stats and the good causes that the money raised goes to.

Your Christmas Shut Down Checklist

The team at 1300 Web Pro have put together a list of things to make sure you do before closing up the office for Christmas break.

Have you heard of the Internet of Things?

In this weeks video, James and Tristan talk about how adding a commercial fridge to the Internet of Things, has benefits both financially and business wise, to it's owner.

The NBN has arrived at 1300 Web Pro!

In the video below James and Brendan share some of the ways that accessing the NBN can help your business.

Should you renew your Phone Book advertising?

This week Brendan and James chat about the phone book and whether it still generates leads, along with the online properties.

How much thought do you give to your password security?

James and Brendan talk about how account hacks happen and some advice on how you can ensure that your office systems are protected as much as possible.

How did Australia's largest data leak happen?

In this week's video, James and Brendan chat about how the Red Cross Blood Bank Service data leak happened and some best practices to ensure you are keeping your databases secure!

Google is focusing on Mobile First design for search results

In order for your customers and Google to be able to find and use your website, watch Brendan and Gareth chat about how to check your websites mobile friendly status.

Page Speed affects your user experience AND your Google ranking

James and Brendan have an indepth chat about Page Speed and some of the ways to improve it.

Is your website being held back?

Last week James and Brendan covered a number of techniques to help your website rank higher in the organic search results on Google.

Search Engine Optimsation - what can you do?

In this video, Brendan and James give you the breakdown on what Google actually uses to calculate their search results.

Using Facebook for national product reach

Inventor of the Prong gardening tool, Peter Nicol, talks about the success he has seen through using simple video ads on Facebook.

Customised Websites vs Templates - what's the difference?

Graphic Designer, Gareth, and Director, Brendan, discuss the benefits of having a website custom built for your business rather than using a generic template style builder.

Have you completed and verified your Google Listing?

Tayla, our resident Google My Business expert, takes you through the many ways that having a verified Google listing helps your customers find you more easily.

Is Google or Facebook better for your business?

James and Heather chat about the differences between Google and Facebook services.

Can you tell if an email is a scam?

Brendan interviews software engineer and tech expert, Tristan, about scam and phishing emails, what to look out for and what you can do if you think you have a scam email.

Do you know the difference between hosting and a domain name?

Brendan and James break down the often confusing distinction between hosting and a domain names and some of the options available for both.

Do you know how many ways 1300 Web Pro can help your business grow?

Brendan and James cover the range of services that 1300 Web Pro can help your business from complex programming to graphic design.

7 Reasons Your Business Should Use An Email Marketing System

Brendan and James, share some insights about the power of utilising an effective Email Marketing System and some best practice to get the most out of your email campaigns.