TV & Radio Advertising

"Don't blame the medium, blame the advertisement."

Depending on your industry, your target market and your business, TV and radio advertising may be a worthwhile investment. Creating effective ads for these platforms requires extensive research and market experience. 

All too often, however, we see businesses book ads directly with a TV or radio station without carefully considering the placement and content of the ads. 

As a marketing agency, we are able to work with your business and our friends in the local media to maximise the value of these expensive mediums by establishing a broadcast schedule and creating ads that are most likely to achieve the results you desire

We have relationships with all major TV and radio stations and can help you produce an unbiased media schedule, picking specific times to advertise that are most likely to target your demographic. 

At 1300 Web pro we produce high quality, professional advertisements that look great while showcasing your business and what sets you apart.  

We can ensure that your TV and radio ads are broadcast across a range of mediums including your website, social media sites and email marketing newsletters. This ensures that all your marketing platforms are working together to achieve the best results. 

We have had excellent results creating campaigns for advertisers of all shapes and sizes. Westridge Meats, who had historically used station-produced ads, chose 1300 Web Pro to help produce their recent TV commercials which you can see below. These ads have worked alongside a new website and social media presence to provide a much better return on the client’s investment in airtime. 

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