Digital Advertising

Building a website is a great first step to establishing an effective online presence. Getting traffic to the website is the next challenge that faces every Internet marketer.

In addition to trying to increase your ranking in Google's free listings through Search Engine Optimisation, we have extensive experience with a range of digital advertising platforms

We can advise on what digital advertising platforms might be suitable for your business, and can create ads on your behalf using advanced targeting techniques.

We use a variety of digital advertising platforms including: 

  • Google AdWords for search
  • Google's display ad network
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIN Ads
  • Advertising at 
  • Directories such as

Our digital marketing consultants will be able to help you select the correct platforms and the correct targeting criteria, and can help design ads that will generate business for you. We also have extensive experience in using tracking platforms such as Google Analytics to monitor and optimise your digital marketing campaigns. 

1300 Web Pro is the only digital advertising agency in Toowoomba with an advanced understanding of all facets of advertising platforms and targeting options. 

If you are interested in receiving more information or a quote, please call us on 1300 932 776